Dude. Snow sucks.

Don’t get me wrong, I can admire it from inside my stove-heated home while drinking a hot cup of coffee, but if I have to go out into it (recreation or not), I might be a little whiney. SO, when Bailey and Damian mentioned a snow engagement session, a teeny-tiny chill ran down my spine. HOWEVER, as soon as we set foot out at Stillwater Prairie Reserve, the snow-covered pines and the sparkled fields made me do a 180 and fall in love with snow Lorelai-Gilmore-style.

The two brought me to the exact spot where Damian popped the question, all while reminiscing the thoughts going through each others heads at the time. “I had no idea!” exclaimed Bailey. “I stumbled on the chalk-drawn proposal on the riverbank and said to my brother ‘OMG. Someone’s being proposed to! Let’s get out of here!’ only to find Damian down on one knee behind me.” I even got to meet their newest addition, Nadia, the most gorgeous little girl you’d ever meet. If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself!

Photography: Meghan Marie Studio