Do you know Gary?

If you don’t, you should. I don’t care if you married or not, but anyone and everyone in a relationship (platonic ones, too!) should get to know Gary Chapman and have him involved in their affairs in one way or another. Why? Because Dr Gary Chapman is a husband of 45 years, degree holder in anthropology, public speaker, and best-selling, award-winning author who specializes in marriage. Basically, this guy had ups and downs with his own marriage, (because, come on, we’re all human) and found incredible ways to make life easier on himself and his wife and wants to share his findings. He’s best known around the world and in my household as the guy who wrote “The Five Love Languages.”

If any of my past couples are reading this, you better have your copy close by, or have shared it with a friend. You know how much I love this book! Dr. Chapman basically broke down ways that we all give and receive love into five, easy to comprehend “languages”. His book is one of the quickest reads (fifteen minutes for seven days) and incredibly relatable, making it one of the self-help books that actually doesn’t feel like homework to read.

Reading this book before entering my marriage with Tom opened both of our eyes to bettering our relationship, but also to learning more about ourselves (I’m a real b**** if the dishes aren’t done. Yes, I’m an Acts of Service lady). If you have the smallest inclination to reach for this book, DO IT by clicking here. Or, if you’re a bit busy, just take the quiz. The same way that you study for a test in school, you should do the same for your marriage. Marriage is the biggest test of our relationship and a test most of us don’t want to take again. Do your homework and make it count!

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