Three Words. High School Sweethearts.

When I discovered that Kyle and Janelle were high school sweethearts, a wave of admiration hit me. I think it’s impressive to be with someone through a chapter of self-discovery and transformation, that those who are might be a little more prepared for the adventures married life presents. When meeting Kyle and Janelle and learning more of their story, I definitely think these two are heading in the right direction.

The two are absolutely adorable and I couldn’t get over how incredibly sweet and kind-hearted they were, especially since they’re also quite the power couple on top of it all! They’re a force to be reckon with!

Janelle teaches and runs her own fitness coaching business (PHASEmpowerment - CHECK IT OUT!) in Ohio, while Kyle studies and scores big on Michigan State’s Basketball team in Michigan. Since time together for them is rare, I was even more driven to make sure their engagement session was truly about their story and experimented with different techniques to make them feel as comfortable with each other, as if I wasn’t there. Doing so allowed us to get gorgeous, yet sincere photos of the two of them in preparation for their wedding in July. Comment below which image is your favorite!