Zack & Vanessa

To begin the next chapter of their lives, it made sense to Zack, Vanessa, and I to capture the two of them at the Toxic Brew Company in Dayton. This was the place Zack and Vanessa not only had their first date, but where they had the conversation that made it clear that they were a perfect match. We had an incredible time getting to see the bench that started it all, but also enjoyed a taste of the spring weather to come. Just when I thought these two couldn’t get more adorable, my mind flash backed to when Zack and I first chatted.

“Vanessa is just always killing it!” Zack said to describe Vanessa to me. This same feeling was beaming from his face as the two cuddled together during their engagement session and laughed over the jokes we exchanged. This adorable couple made my job a ton of fun, but also made it so easy for me to attain the one, simple request they asked of me: “We’re just wanting to look like we're in love!” By looking at the photos below, I think we nailed it. Comment below your favorite of the two. :)