Noticed how weird Facebook and Instagram are getting?

Social media is getting more complicated by the minute to keep small businesses and self starters, like myself, from being successful without paying. That’s why, if you follow business pages on Facebook or IG, that you haven’t seen them on your feed in awhile. INSTEAD, the big guys show you ads and info on people who’ve paid them the big bucks. UHM. I can’t be shelling out hundreds to thousands of dollars a month on ads. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH KIDS EAT!? Too much!

Because social media is getting more complicated by the day with rules and mandatory advertising, I figured it was time to help all of you following Meghan Marie Studio avoid missing out on the gorgeous images, relatable stories, and much needed help you are interested in! Browse to learn more about myself, the value photography and marriage, or to gather wedding inspiration. Be sure to stay in the loop (without say from big, bad Facebook and IG) by subscribing to my email list. You email addresses will SOLELY be used for notifying you on blog content and promotions. Basically, what you’d be signing up for. Click HERE to subscribe and give a big thumbs down to social media’s dumb algorithms.