I “fan girl-ed” hard.

And when I say “fan girl-ed,” I mean I got weirdly giggly, a bit sweaty, and forgot all things socially appropriate (like how close is TOO CLOSE to stand next to someone). But I couldn’t help it. When I attended Zach and Jody Gray’s camera workshop in 2017, I met the same Zach and Jody Gray who were voted Nashville’s Top Wedding Photographer in 2009, who have been published in magazines like People and Southern Weddings, and who have inspired me since I picked up a camera in 2013. They’re kind of like photography celebrities (click here if you don’t believe me).

Working with these two allowed me to really hone in on what’s most important with Meghan Marie Studio and to better serve the lovely couples I’m blessed to work with. I also got to actively shoot alongside Zach, have him and Jody critique my work and web presence, and cuddle up next to their little babes (they have four! Can you say, “POWER COUPLE,”?). Because of their expertise and the resources I’ve picked up from their workshop, I feel I can better meet the needs of my couple’s on their wedding day, as well as produce incredible images for them to look back on for years to come. If you’d like me to do the same for you, click here! And enjoy some of the work The Gray’s and I were able to create!

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