Ashley Dunlavy Photography

Ashley Dunlavy Photography

“Are we getting our photos taken… AGAIN!?”

Tom has always been my number one fan when it comes to my work in photography, but I don’t think he realized that he’d also be modeling for and with me for the years to come. Talk about an accidental bait and switch… Oops!

Jokes aside, this man has been everything to me for not only the four years we’ve been married, but also for the eight years we’ve been together. We’ve gone through some seemingly impossible trials, incredible high moments, and the mundane day-to-day slumps, and one thing has stayed the same. I’m crazy about this man. Today marks our wedding anniversary and, along with fond memories, comes motivation to be a better friend and spouse. This guy is one of my biggest motivators to work through, and review marriage tools for all my followers and couples! So if you like that (or don’t), he’s the guy to thank. HA!

Tom, you’re of high rank in my eyes and in my heart. You’re crinkled eyed smilies and you belly laugh make me swoon, and I’m looking forward to more life with you, if God and you allow it. Happy Anniversary & enjoy these shots of us over the years from our photographer friends!