I have a six year old.

What. I’m in complete disbelief. Gavin keeps blossoming into this fierce, intelligent, human with humor only a mother can love, but a heart all can appreciate. This boy has taught me too many hard lessons in life, some to his disservice. I hate that it had to be that way, but, that's parenthood.

Gavin turns six and he’s lost his first tooth, is learning quickly how to wash dishes, and laughs louder than anyone I’ve ever met (sometimes, annoyingly so). With freckles dancing across his nose and multiplying every day, I’m relieved he’ll follow his dad in the looks department, despite being my mini-me for the first couple years. Even though Gavin’s self-sufficient (for the majority of things) and is deceivingly easy to raise, it takes a village to raise incredible men of God (my goal). Six is new territory for me and I’m lost, I’ll be honest. I’d love for any and all suggestions, tips, and advice for what to expect in this stage and what Tom and I can do to reach our goal. Leave those thoughts in the comments below, and, if you see us out and about, wish Gavin a Happy Birthday. :)