Jordan & Kayla

One question I get asked a lot is if I get nervous before photographing a wedding. I do the tiniest bit, but any nerves quickly dissipate as soon as I grab my camera. Engagement sessions are the ones I get the most butterflies for.

Engagement sessions are CRUCIAL when establishing trust and connection: two of the biggest things I preach about having with your photographer. If that trust isn’t established at this session, we may have more work for us on the wedding day. As I walked up for Jordan and Kayla’s session, I got those familiar jitters. As soon as reality set in, everything was calm. I’ve known Jordan and Kayla since the start of their relationship, for they’re family! This made their session start off with inside jokes and belly laughs instead of the common and totally normal initial awkwardness. We fast forwarded through all that!

Jordan and Kayla have an adorable friendship that’ll be the perfect foundation for their marriage. I’ve known Jordan since we’ve been kids, and that dude’s ORNERY. So, for Kayla to put up with his humor and quirks, I knew that these two were going to have a silly, laid back, and genuine approach to this next step in their relationship. As I said, trust is important, which was exercised when our first location was compromised by the tornados that occurred in May. We got creative and decided Andy’s Garden in Troy would be a great place to have a colorful, floral engagement session in the summer. We also visited downtown Troy to see the rustic architecture and newly placed sculptures.

Enjoy these favorites from their session and comment below and locations you’d like to see more of!