Scott & Shanna | Engaged

Sometimes in life you have to embrace what comes your way and see it, not as an obstacle, but as a way to grow creatively. Scott and Shanna are two incredible people who have discovered that and are taking the learnings from their past experiences to better their relationship, and, soon, marriage. For those who haven’t talked to me or know me, I LOVE marriage. It’s difficult, sticky, emotional, but so beautiful in the ways that it makes you transform into a different person and showcase the dying to ones self. As much as we all “talk the talk” with this kind of mindset in our relationships, the “walk the walk” portion can be tricky and testing. I saw the opportunity to “walk the walk” with Scott and Shanna during their engagement session and was affirmed once more how ready these two are to make this step.

For starters, Ohio is in the wettest season of all time. It’s been raining here for, I don’t know, 50 days (I’m exaggerating, but whatever), and Scott and Shanna’s engagement session was no different. Aside from the rain, these two are going through some incredible job opportunity transitions that now have them living in different states. Nothing shouts out “obstacle” like long distance, am I right? With this kind of a recipe, we’d usually cancel the session because it’d be a struggle to remember THE POINT of these engagement photos, usually leading to bickering, stress, and worse. For Scott and Shanna, they made it seem effortless to sink into each others arms, remember the WHY behind these photos, and enjoy the limited time together (even with me shouting compliments to them through the rain).

These two really have a STRONG foundation laid that it inspired me. They made their session so easy and allowed me to think outside the box (or inside, rather, since we could only stay under porches during our rainy session). Enjoy these favorites from our time together and comment your favorite below!