Community over Competition.

When I heard this my first year of business, it changed how I saw everyone and everything around me. Instead of competing against other photographers, I thought, how can I help them? How can we help each other? Doesn’t a rising tide raise all ships? If we all help each other out in our professional communities, we grow collectively. I’m all about that kind of love.

With that said, when Kenzie of Ivory House Creative reached out to me to work out updating some images for her rebrand, I was more than excited to accept. Kenzie and I had a great time at Something Old Dayton’s studio in Dayton, working on light and airy images of her invitations, stationary guide, and other wedding paper goods. To check out some of her work, visit her website here and mention Meghan of Meghan Marie Studio sent you! Enjoy these peeks from our studio time.