Let’s talk VEILS

Who doesn’t love a hand beaded cathedral veil (the really long ones!) or a borrowed veil from your mother, grandmother, or friend?! There are so many options when comes to hair accessories on a wedding day, but a veil is something that remains special to weddings, so why not take advantage of it! When it comes to the big day, I recommend that the bride only wear her veil when she comes down the aisle and I recommend this for three different reasons.

1. This is something new for your groom to see when you’re walking down the aisle if you do a first look!

2. A lot of times, during a First Look, the groom is so excited to see his bride that he accidentally pulls the veil out when he throws his arms around her! This also happens a TON during family formal portraits and can be very frustrating to the bride!

3. Saving the veil for the ceremony ensures that I will get some “Just Married” portrait time with the couple because EVERY bride needs to have a “Veil Blowing in the Wind” shot of their own!

This isn’t a rule that we ask all brides to follow, it’s simply a suggestion. What are your thoughts?