If you’re nervous about being in front of a camera, leave your worries at the door. Meghan takes extra good care of you & your self-esteem, and creates naturally beautiful photos as a result! Knowing how easy-going Meghan is makes Sean & I that much more excited for our wedding day!”
— Margaret S

When a camera comes around, many people range from feeling slightly awkward to a deer caught in headlights. If this sounds like you, engagement photos can solve this issue and can have you feeling and looking like the best version of yourselves. "What even are engagement photos", many ask. Aside from the obvious, it really depends on who your photographer is. I view engagement sessions as a way to earn your trust behind the camera and to show you just how incredibly photogenic you are! After your engagement session with me, you'll walk into your wedding having one less thing to worry about and some gorgeous photos to show for it. Interested? Click the "Let's Connect!" button below!


Engagement sessions start at 400 .